I don’t have an account on Xcrox. Can I still shopping ?

  • You would need to create your account on Xcrox. It’s a very simple process, just need your email id and password and you will be registered on Xcrox and enjoy shopping! Just go the below mentioned URL and create your account now. https://www.xcrox.com/my-account/

I want to change my registered email-address ?

  • Your email address will be updated in real time. First, login with your existing email address to your account. Go to My Account -> Account Details and enter your new email address under Email Address and click Save Changes.

    Now, logout from your account and try to login with your new email address and it will prompt you to verify your email address. Just check your new email address account and verify your email address.

    If you are not able to see the account verification email, then you can check your spam folder. Also, if you are still not able to find your email, then go to My Account and click Resend verification link. Then, you will get account verification email.

    Click on the verification link and your account will be activated and now you can login with your new email address and password.

How can I change my account password ?

  • We suggest you that never share your password information to anyone, not even someone asking from Xcrox.

    For changing the password, just go to My Account -> Account Details and then change your password.

    For changing the password, first enter your current password and then enter your new and confirm new password and your password will be changed.

How can I add/change my Billing and Shipping address ?

  • Your default billing address is your shipping address. While purchasing your first product, on checkout page, you will be asked for your address and that address will be automatically saved for future.

    Also, if you want to add/edit your billing and shipping address, first login to your account and then go to: My Account -> Addresses and then you can edit your billing and shipping address.

    Now your updated shipping and billing address will be displayed on your checkout page during shopping.

Can I add more than one delivery address ?

  • No, you cannot add more than one delivery address. But whenever, you want to change your shipping address for particular products and shopping, you can change the shipping address on the checkout page.

I have forgotten my password. How can I get access to my account ?

  • Whenever you will forget your password, no worries. Just go to: My Account -> Lost your password ? After click, you need to enter your username/email address and click Reset Password.

    After clicking Reset Password button, you will get password reset link on your registered email address. Once, you will click the password reset link, you will be redirected and then, you can enter your new updated password and you can get access to your account using your registered email address and updated password.

What payment methods do you accept ?

  • We have various payment options to give you a delightful shopping experience. These payment options are:

    Xcrox Wallet / Debit Card / Credit Card / Net Banking / Digital Wallets / UPI / Cash on delivery

How do I pay for my Cash on Delivery (COD) order ?

  • You can pay for Cash on Delivery orders by cash or by Credit/Debit card if the delivery person is carrying ‘card swipe POS machine’.

    In compliance with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Finance, our delivery executives will be unable to accept Rs. 500 (old) and Rs. 1000 notes effective 09 November, 2016.

Is there any hidden charges ?

  • No, there are no hidden charges for any products. The buyers will have to pay the exact amount which is visible on the product catalog.

Can I use international cards on Xcrox for payment ?

  • Yes, you can use the major international debit and credit cards on Xcrox for payment and shopping. We have third party payment gateway integration with our website and all major international debit and credit cards are acceptable for the payment.

What happens if my debit/credit card has been compromised while making a payment online ?

  • At Xcrox, we do not save or collect any debit and credit card information. we have third party payment gateway integration and you need to submit your details on the payment gateway page.

    Also, If you feel such things, then contact your bank and report this to your bank immediately.

What If my payment got failed ?

  • If your account is debited after the payment failure notification, No worries. In normal process, your debited amount will be credited to your account within 7-10 business days.

    For further assistance, you can write us an email at: info@xcrox.com

What are the shipping charges ?

  • shipping charges are vary from product to product and seller to seller. They could be free. The charges may be based on your location and your number of orders/amounts.

    In most cases, shipping charges are Free.

What is the estimated time of delivery ?

  • It generally takes 5-7 business days for delivery of any products. Some times it could be late due to public holidays/Sundays.

    Also, you will be notified using email and SMS for your delivery status.

Are there any hidden charges like sales tax and other charges on the items ?

  • No, there are no hidden charges on any of items available at Xcrox. The all prices are final and every thing is inclusive on the price which is visible on product page.

Does Xcrox deliver items internationally ?

  • As of now, we do not deliver items internationally.

I have not received all items what I ordered ?

  • Really sorry to hear that. Xcrox is always ready to help you in such cases. Also, kindly check your shipping address, order details. 

    for further assistance, you can write us an email at: info@xcrox.com and we make sure that your money is safe till the time you get all the items.

Do I have to pay for shipping if I am returning an item ?

  • No, You do not need to pay anything. Returns are simple and effortless with Xcrox. Simply cancel or return the order for the item/ items on the website. You could even write to us and request a cancellation and send us email at: info@xcrox.com. Arrangements will be made for the items to be picked up from the address it was delivered to. You will be notified via an SMS or email.

Can I get my order delivered faster ?

  • We are working on Express and Faster delivery option of products and very soon you will be able to avail this delivery option.

Do you offer free coupons ?

  • Yes, we provide many free coupons and gives you heavy discounts on wide range of products at xcrox.com

    Login now at www.xcrox.com for checking the exciting offers and coupons.

Do you offer paid coupons ?

  • No. We don’t provide paid coupons as of now. But we are working on this so that in future, you can also get this feature too.

    Also, login now at: www.xcrox.com for new and exciting offers and features.

What can I find in my order history ?

  • Its very easy and simple to keep track of your orders. You can find the different order states like – processing, completed, cancelled.

    First, login to your account and then go to: My Account -> Orders

I have not received all items what I ordered ?

  • Really sorry to hear that. Xcrox is always ready to help you in such cases. Also, kindly check your shipping address, order details. 

    for further assistance, you can write us an email at: info@xcrox.com and we make sure that your money is safe till the time you get all the items.

Where can I find my order history ?

  • Simply login to your account and then go to: My Account -> Orders

How do I cancel an Order ?

In case, you are unsatisfied with product or you made the order by mistaken, you can cancel the order from your account dashboard. As per our order cancellation policy, you can cancel the order within 12 hrs after you place the order.

For cancel an order, go to: My Account -> Orders -> Select particular order -> Want to cancel this order? Click Here

Once you will click this icon, your request to cancel your order will be accepted and your order status will be updated to cancelled by customer.

How do I return an item ?

  • In case, you are unsatisfied with product, you can return the product. We also have one return policy. You can go and check return policy.

    however, for returning a product, simply login to your account and go to: My Account -> Orders -> Select particular order -> Return Order

    There will be one text box and you need to simply put your comments why you want to return this product and that’s it. We will arrange the pickup for that product from where it was shipped.

After delivered, how many days I can return an item ?

  • As per our return policy, you can return the product after 7 days once your order is delivered and completed. After 7 days, the return order feature will be disabled automatically from your orders.

How long the return process will take ?

  • After placing the return request, our executive will reach at your address for pickup for the return product within 5 days.

    Once, we will receive the return product in our warehouse, after 48 hrs we will start the refund process and usually it takes 5-7 business days to get the amount credited in your bank account.

How will I receive my funds ?

  • After returning product to our executive and once we will receive the product in our warehouse, we will start refund process. We will initiate the refund process with our payment gateway provider and within 5-7 business days you will get your amount credited in your bank account.

    In some cases, if there is some problem, then we will ask you for your bank details and we will transfer the amount the bank account you provide. Also, for further assistance, email us at: info@xcrox.com

What is my wallet ?

  • My Wallet is a quick and handy way to manage and purchase products on our website. It is a digital form of money.

    You can recharge your My Wallet from our website and then you can use this for purchasing items on our website.

How can I signup for my wallet ?

  • When you get register on our website www.xcrox.com, then you automatically register to My Wallet.

How can I check the balance of my wallet ?

  • First go to: www.xcrox.com/my-account and login to your account. Then go to: My Account -> My Wallet -> Balance

How can I recharge my wallet ?

  • To recharge My Wallet, first you need to login to your account and then go to: My Account -> My Wallet -> Wallet Topup -> Enter the amount you want to recharge and click Add

    After this, you will be redirected to the checkout page and then you can select the mode of payment and complete the payment. After successful transaction, the recharge amount will be automatically added to your My Wallet and it will show you the updated balance.

How can I transfer my wallet balance to other account ?

  • No, you cannot transfer your My Wallet balance to any other account whether the account exists on our website or not.

How can I refund my wallet balance ?

  • Yes, you can refund your Wallet balance to your respective account. The amount will be refunded to your same payment mode whichever you have used to recharge your My Wallet.

    5% amount will be deducted to your actual amount as the processing fee.

    For requesting Refund, you need to create a support ticket to us. Go to: My Account -> Support Ticket -> Click Create New Ticket. Do not forget to mention your order no. in the ticket against which you want to refund your My Wallet balance.

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